The Learning Paut Method

Coaches with The Learning Paut focus on the aspiring overachiever who is a chronic under-performer.  We know that being a great student is a skill that must be developed using the innate talents and interests of our learners.  We also know that many of our families have demanding lifestyles that require focused support for their student that best utilizes the time they have available. 

Remediation and Skill Building with Academic Coaching

  • Preparing private or individualized study plans for students needing additional support
  • Administering Summer instructional camps to fill “gaps”, build “bridges”, and propel learning
  • Evaluation of study habits and cultivation of study habits
  • Establish SMART goals
  • Set study agendas
  • Maintain school-to-home communication
  • Set custom tutorial schedules
  • Help plan and organize studies around high-demand extracurricular activities
  • Build student agency and ownership of outcomes

Consultants with The Learning Paut help guide students and parents through each step of the process of building a profile that best presents our students gifts and talents to college admissions officers.  Whether our students are rising 9th graders preparing for the next four years that will shape their college opportunities, or 12th graders putting their finishing touches on college applications, we help guide our parents and students with comprehensive support

Rigorous Records Evaluation and Assessment

  • Personal interviews with parents and student to evaluate goals, interests, previous experiences, unique challenges, and learning style
  • Review of educational history to date (evaluation of rigor, GPA, range of educational experiences and diversity of coursework)
  • Review of standardized testing scores
  • Administration of interest/aptitude testing to help guide selection of colleges and majors
  • Identification of unique experiences, traits, and special talents

Financial Support

  • Identifying scholarship opportunities based on our students’ unique profile
  • Assisting families with FAFSA completion
  • Helping families identify alternative routes for tuition reimbursement

Course Advisement and Academic Planning and Coaching

  • Recommendations for course selection that matches students’ strengths and interests while meeting all graduation requirements
  • Recommendations for extracurricular planning/summer enrichment activities/service opportunities/personal pursuits
  • On-going evaluation of high school progress to keep on track

Standardized Test Preparation

  • GA Milestones and ITBS (in GA only)
  • Recommendations to area’s best SAT/ACT tutors
  • Guidance on which tests and subtests to take

Finding the Right Fit

  • Defining the factors that are most important to our students when selecting a school 
  • Planning college visits to make the most out of your valuable time

College Applications: Positioning the student to present the most compelling application materials

  • Customized college application plan and timeline using MyCCA to track and organize each step of the application process
  • Essay development and student resume preparation
  • Admissions interview preparation

College Acceptance:

  • Comparison and evaluation of admission packages
  • Final decision making assistance

Tutors with The Learning Paut support students on specific topics and questions related to classroom subjects and assignments.  Our experienced professionals come prepared each session to give your student the extra guidance they need in understanding current classroom units of study

  • INDIVIDUALIZED academic tutoring in all core subject areas
  • ADVANCE instruction to teach upcoming material to improve classroom confidence and performance
  • REPETITIVE practice between sessions using licensed products that allow us to monitor progress each week

Reading Specialists with The Learning Paut administer an initial battery to evaluate a students current reading level, assets and liabilities.  If we determine that our professionals are best suited to support your student, we develop an individualized plan for overcoming the obstacles of our struggling readers.

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