Our Focus

Helping students remove the internal barriers to their academic success by providing exceptionally tailored and comprehensive support and talent building – both intellectual and emotional.  

As academic coaches, Minw Learning prioritizes the aspiring overachiever who is a chronic under-performer. To that end, we:

Create and maintain relationships:

  • With the students we serve.  We are hired by parents, but students come first. We are committed to serving even the hardest-to-reach students: building rapport to help reframe self-perceptions, unlock agency and grow trust. We are approachable, reachable and dedicated to their success.

  • With the parent clients who engage us. We stay in close contact with parents: tracking progress, mitigating concerns and managing the academic and administrative details that contribute to stress and family anxiety.

Provide Tools for Success:

   For students:

  • Guided self-awareness. We help students unlock their own motivators – understand their assets and liabilities to reveal their true capabilities

  • Strategic planning for each student’s academic story to help each see the future they want to achieve, create the goals that will lead to the results they want and hone the tactics that will get them there – transforming wishful thinkers into motivated independent learners and self-advocates.

  • Tutorials, reference materials, study scheduling support and advocacy. We help with the “extras” that get in the way of parents parenting, students learning and teachers teaching. We focus energy on process and growth over outcomes: check portals, contact administrators, and help students learn to persistence.

   For teachers:

  • A new conduit to reaching students: our coaches can influence students, managing “truths” that support or inhibit growth and performance in ways parents and students can’t always access.
  • New levels of academic success for their most promising students, hitting the potential toward which educators aim

    For parents:


  • Partnership in their children’s success – a third-party that knows and is invested in their children
  • Outsourced professional effort toward the sometimes-frustrating administrative details that go into managing academic success – so parents can focus on emotional needs and other household logistics
  • Reduced stress, knowing they are free to focus on familial bonds and other life details

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